Withthegrid Feature update September 2020

We have released a new version of our asset monitoring application. In addition to the existing asset monitoring environment it now includes a connectivity environment. In it devices can be provisioned and assigned to different monitoring environments. The term devices is very broad. It can include a customers’ own devices, 3rd party devices, Withthegrid devices or connections which existing databases. 

In this way the different roles of device partners and asset monitoring specialists are brought closer together. The benefit for asset monitoring specialists is that they can leverage the same environment for multiple device solutions. For device partners the hurdle of device integration (and scaling up beyond PoCs or pilots) is greatly reduced as well as having an environment to monitor device performance and allocate devices to different users.

IoT connectivity

We have expanded the number of integrations to include the most common connectivity and data protocols. For example it is now possible to connect devices through a CoAP connection including DTLS end-to-end encryption, HTTP webhooks or client certificates.

Device configuration

In the device supplier environment you can configure your device. You can define event handlers in TypeScript that parse incoming payloads into measurement reports, return instructions to devices (including FOTA) and monitor device health. If that sounds scary, it isn’t, but we’re here to help and we will already set it up when we connect your sample device.

Set commands

To show how the device supplier environment is linked to the asset environment we will show an example of configuring specific commands for which an end user can set for a specific device.

Easy handover

You can generate device tokens to share with the end customer so they can securely claim the devices in their end-user asset environment

Embedded SDK

If you are still working on the embedded software, let us take secure provisioning and device management out of your hands by having your devices connect to our application directly, through CoAP over DTLS or MQTT over TLS. The devices can identify themselves with a X.509 client certificate. For this scenario we have an SDK available that builds upon the open source Mbed OS. Please contact us for more info.

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