Withthegrid open sources embedded SDK

As of today Withthegrid has open sourced its embedded SDK. This SDK helps IoT developers provide industry ready IoT solutions faster. With only 10 lines of C++ code everything is up an running. Withthegrid believes that it is critical to speed up the digitalization efforts in the infrastructure sector because of the shortage in technical labour and rapidly ageing assets.

The embedded SDK integrates seamlessly with Withthegrids asset monitoring platform. Enabling a one stop solution for your infrastructure customers. It includes the following features:
• Device provisioning and management
• Visualisation of assets
• Time series data
• Thresholds and alerts
• Workflow management
• User management
• Integrations & API’s

• Better product: Provide an end-to-end solution for the end customer
• Lower costs: Faster product development and lower NRE (non-recurring engineering) costs
• More revenue: Able to earn a recurring revenue stream for the hardware developer

For more info or to start using the SDK please contact us at info@blog.withthegrid.com